Brenda’s 80th Birthday Party

Thank you for your kind note, and thank you for entertaining us all.. I was rather worried when after meeting Mum, you moved to the next table where xxxxxx who can be rather outspoken to say the least, didn’t give you the most easiest of welcomes, but I saw you quickly win him round.

Fortunately not all my family are as neanderthal as XXXXXX, and I know that everyone really enjoyed your entertainment..

If there are 2 regrets, they are a) I didn’t get to really speak to you or see a trick myself as I was running around like mad, and b) Mum says she is sorry she didn’t get to say goodbye to you, but thought you were fantastic.

But I was very pleased to have you at the party and definitely thought you helped make it a memorable occasion for everyone. It’s been difficult for both Mum and I since Dad died , so it was always going to be a difficult day, but by all accounts, I think the kind words people have given me after the party are confirmation that we pulled it off and made her feel special.

So again thank you, and will definitely need to find another reason to have you round again.