Magic of Business Presentation at West Ham United for Newham Chamber of Commerce

Dear Barry,

Just a few lines to thank you sincerely for your presentation this morning. I know you felt restricted by the time available, but the fact that we finished exactly on time indicates there was no slack available. However, I think you got across your messages and I am still puzzling how you managed to give me an envelope with the date of the meeting that added up to the numbers selected by members. Absolutely baffling.

I noted that you did not leave until some time past the end of the meeting and hope this was because of people being interested to talk with you and possibly follow-up with bookings.

It was pleasing that you noticed I had done some homework in introducing you. At least you knew I did not take you for granted and deserved the effort for the time you, yourself, gave in preparing and giving the presentation.

Again, many thanks for helping to make the meeting so enjoyable. Many members told me as they left how pleased they had been to attend, and two or three new members look likely.

Best wishes,


John M James
Executive Secretary
Newham Chamber of Commerce Limited